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The solo concert of the singer and author SINGRSHA SKAKOVSKAYA will be held for the first time in Dubai as part of the large-scale competition MISS DUBAI 2023 by BLOGGMAGAZINE. The singer released a new song QUEEN especially for the competition and promises to please with an incredible solo program and, as always, extravagant costumes.

On February 28, a beauty contest MISS DUBAI 2023 is held in Dubai according to the international Glossy House #BLOGGMAGAZINE where 10 participants will fight for the main crown and only one of them will receive the main prize - the cover of #BLOGGMAGAZINE UAE magazine with a large participation in three days: Russian, English and Arabic . The main crown for the winner means lifelong possession of the crown and title, an invitation to all glossy events in any amenity of the World.

The event will be held in the format of the red carpet, along which not only the participants of the competition will walk, but also representatives of the BEAUTY & FASHION industry from all over the world, as well as millionaire bloggers and artists, because they will become the nominees for the DUBAI BLOGGMAGAZINE AWARDS 2023. Traditionally, the red carpet will be opened founders and organizers - editor-in-chief Tatyana Skakovskaya and PR director Maxim Sergeev.

The organizer of the competition and the award is the Glossy House #BLOGGMAGAZINE founded in 2014 in Moscow. The project includes 50 online magazines and more than 10 printed ones, magazines are published in such countries as: Russia (Moscow); United Arab Emirates (Dubai); Kazakhstan (Almaty/Astana); Italy (Florence/Tuscany); Japan Tokyo); India (New Delhi/Gurgaon); Vietnam (Hanoi). The project is the founder of 13 #TOP100 ratings, the most popular of which is “TOP 100 MOST STYLISH PEOPLE IN RUSSIA”, where 100 stylish people are published annually. In 2015, the project founded the "Day of the Russian Designer" and annually holds red carpets, the dress code for the event is only clothes from Russian brands!

The main covers of magazines were decorated with such persons as: Vladimir Putin; Olga Buzova; SINGRSHA SKAKOVSKAYA; Garik Kharlamov and Garik Martirosyan; Svetlana Loboda; Lok-Dog and Marina Stange; Anna Khilkevich; Lyubov Uspenskaya, Dzhigan and Oksana Samoilova, singer Hannah, Artik & Asti; Ivan Chuikov; Helen Yes; Roman Kagramanov; Natasha Krasnova; Igor Gulyaev; Liza Arzamasova and many other stars of show business, politics and popular bloggers.

Those wishing to apply for participation in the red carpet, undergo accreditation and moderation, the organizers invite you to the official website of the competition and the award:

Applications for participation are accepted until February 25.


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